"50% of the world is Irish, the other 50% wish they were"

I don't know who penned this saying, but having travelled half way around the world and back, I missed out the America's and Canada, no slight intended I just never had a reason to visit and based on reliable information I think they have enough Irish to contend with, the feeling I have is that the above statement can't be far wrong which is the reason behind Erinnet.Com.

Being relatively new to the to the phenomenon of the Net and having been in Asia for about 10 years, both as an employee and as a business owner, it dawned on me recently that I really had not come across any Irish sites that were active in putting Irish Business Owners and Irish Business Professionals together on a Local, Regional or Global basis.

There are some great initiatives being run by Irish Embassies around the globe and tremendous support from departments like Enterprise Ireland etc, but there is only so much these initiatives can achieve and this is the reason for Erinnet.Com.

Erinnet.com aims to become an online community/network for Irish entrepreneurs, marketers, business professionals, business owners doing business or interested in expanding locally, regionally and / or globally.

My name is David Swinburne and I will be managing this site, which I pray will become an invaluable source of business contacts, business opportunites, and an online forum for Irish professionals around the world to meet and network.

My promise to you will be that this site will be manned 24hrs a day via mail and phone support (click "contact us" for details) and my team and I will endeavour to support you in whatever way we can be it information, business leads or services you may require.

I know you will find value in this site and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.........

"If you don't know the way, walk slowly"