Our Focus

Erinnet.com is a family run business concerned with honest and ethical marketing concepts, services and products on the web. To enable Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals to overcome the natural barriers inherent in the Global market and to establish Erinnet.Com as a service for Irish online business networking and to facilitate trade, generation of business leads and providing an online forum for Irish professionals around the world to meet and network.


Our Proposition

To afford Irish businessmen an opportunity for business networking and to help Irish global business professionals discuss and gain more insight on doing business in global markets, to generate business leads and create business partnerships that are beneficial to all, to increase their business in terms of awareness, service and revenue and to move forward from a Local to a Global market and utilise the vast resources of the internet to increase profitability and ensure a stable / sustainable business.

Erinnet.com aims to become an online community/network for Irish entrepreneurs, marketers, business professionals, doing business or interested in expanding globally.


Why Erinnet.com?

  1. We are not a "Directory"
    We are the only Irish Business Network that will work to put our members in contact with one another when they have a specific need.

  2. We are the only Irish Business Network that gives you the tools to help develop your network, like email addresses, classifieds, notice boards, blog etc where you will be able to promote your products and services to the whole community and your business prospects FOR FREE.
  3. We are the only Irish Business Network that offers in-roads into the fasted growing region in the World, The Far East.
  4. All of this for only USD14.95 per year, that's right only US$14.95 per year, I can hear the audible gasp from here. That's only USD1.25 per month / USD0.04 per day (just in case you needed a hand with the math :o) ). Not since molly shoved that heavy barrow down those short and narrow streets has an offer like this come along.

But not satisfied with giving you all of the above (and why wouldn't we be I hear you say), we are also giving away as a Beta Launch Bonus... wait for it... the opportunity to convert your company profile into an e-book which you will find very convenient for mailing to your business prospects.

BUT you will need to be quick the price of USD14.95 is only the beta launch price, which will be the price you pay for life when you sign up now.

If you need any more information please contact me at dave@erinnet.com and I will be more than happy to help and you can help me by telling you friends, family and any one else who springs to mind, just fill in their names and email below and they will receive information on ErinNet.Com.

Slan agus beannacht leat